Amazon Web Services announces second “top secret” cloud region


Amazon Web Services today announced a second cloud computing region specifically designed to host the federal government’s top secret classified information.

The region, known as AWS Top Secret-West, provides additional geographic availability and resilience of AWS cloud services for US intelligence and defense agencies, including the CIA and NSA, on which applications can be hosted, analyzed, and executed.

AWS Top Secret-West is the company’s second commercial cloud that is accredited for classified workloads and is air-gaped – or closed – from the rest of the Internet. The new region joins AWS Top Secret-East, which has been hosting the government’s top secret data since 2014.

AWS did not disclose the location of the region other than that it is “over 1,000” miles from AWS Top Secret-East, located in northern Virginia.

“With two top-secret regions, customers in the US defense, intelligence, and national security communities can deploy multiregional architectures to …


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