Amazon Web Services and The Trade Desk Ink Unified ID 2 partnership


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is introducing its latest tool to manage the transition to the cookie-free future.

AWS’ vast array of user data has already been a draw for advertisers, but the rollout of Unified ID 2 (UID2) across its product suite means advertisers can mitigate some of the worst changes.

UID2 is designed to allow advertisers to reach audiences in a way that does not violate privacy laws. Developed by The Trade Desk, it is a non-proprietary open standard open to a range of stakeholders across the advertising ecosystem.

Amazon’s rollout of the tool should allow these advertisers to take care of the issues of quiescing third-party cookies and device identifiers.

Ian Johnson, Global Chief Operating Officer of Acxiom, Kinesso and Matterkind (all martech companies owned by IPG), said: “We are excited about the ‘UID2 on AWS solution to further enhance data security and privacy by using AWS Nitro Enclaves and reduce severe…

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