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The introduction

Amazon (AMZN) vs. Walmart (WMT) is indeed the clash of the titans. Two companies that dominate the retail landscape. They are tough competitors. Together, most people interact with one or both companies almost on a daily basis, sometimes without even realizing it. Companies also arouse strong emotions. Many people love them, hate them, or like to hate them. And negative emotions are not unfounded, as each is clumsy at times. Just ask the FTC. Positive feelings are also not unfounded. Just ask your investors and customers.

They are also very different. Amazon, it seems, is into anything. From satellite internet to music and TV streaming to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Walmart is much more focused on its core business. Walmart pays a dividend, which Amazon doesn’t. Walmart is buying back a substantial portion of the stock; Amazon doesn’t.

Both stocks can be great buys for the right investor; …

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