Amazon has a plan to provide internet from space using 3,236 small satellites in low Earth orbit. It’s called Project Kuiper.

In April, the company signed a multibillion-dollar deal — the largest rocket deal in the history of the commercial space industry — to launch its Kuiper satellites with three different companies: Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, United Launch Alliance (a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin) and Europe’s Arianespace.

“In many ways, it’s an answer and a competitor to Elon Musk and SpaceX with its Starlink network,” said CNBC space reporter Michael Sheetz. Amazon first unveiled Project Kuiper in 2019, but the company’s announcement last month gave it new impetus.

SpaceX’s Starlink already has about 2,000 satellites in orbit, serving a total of about 250,000 subscribers. The Federal Communications Commission has authorized SpaceX to launch a total of 12,000 satellites.

Amazon hasn’t launched a single satellite yet, but it could still be a big player in the…

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