According to a report by meeting, Amazon is not relying on what has just started Wheel of time Series and their upcoming Lord of the Rings show to attract science fiction / fantasy viewers. The entertainment news agency reports that Amazon is “close to a deal to develop a series” based on the Mass effect Games.

Electronic Arts and BioWare didn’t announce a series, but there were more than a few leads. At the beginning of this year, the project manager for the remastered of EA Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Trilogy set told Business Insider that it is “not about if, but when” a film or TV show project will appear for the game.

There was interesting Instagram post in February by Henry Cavill, who might want to add male Commander Shepard to his geeky résumé along with Superman and Geralt von The witcher. The actor posted an easy-to-defuse image that points to a “secret project?” And internet detectives found out it was actually a phrase from the Wikipedia entry for Mass Effect 3.

Any other details on how that might be related with a new game in the series, are unclear, even if some people – like this very resourceful wiki editor – already have fan casting in mind. W Well, I can make a safe guess – it probably won’t be based on that Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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