Many investors will focus on that‘s (AMZN -12.60%) slow growth and weak second-quarter revenue guidance when evaluating the company’s first-quarter earnings report, released after the market close on Thursday. After all, 7% growth represented the company’s worst revenue growth since 2001 — and management’s forecast of revenue growing only 3% to 7% in the second quarter isn’t encouraging either.

But there was a quote in the report that should help investors in Amazon (and investors in others). cloud computing stocks, by the way) stay optimistic. While e-commerce may face temporary headwinds, Amazon’s management seems confident that the fast-growing trajectory of one trend will remain unaffected: cloud computing.

AWS seems unstoppable

Sure, Amazon’s overall first-quarter results were weak. But the meager 7% net sales growth during the period was mostly due to poor performance at its e-commerce business; it didn’t reflect every amazon store…

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