Amazon Stock: Better Protected Than Most Think (NASDAQ:AMZN)


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Amazon (NASDAQ:NASDAQ:AMZN) is currently in an interesting position as its multiple segments have different future prospects. Investors are concerned about the company’s core retail segment as rising gas prices and inflation weigh on profit margins. However, the Company’s secondary segments are will thrive in the coming periods. AWS continues to be an industry leader in the cloud market and will benefit greatly from exponential industry growth and increased demand.

Prime Video and Music are also emerging as major threats in their respective industries and could be well on their way to overtaking their respective industry leaders. Since these segments are likely to support the company’s fundamentals in a market downturn, as well as the current price at which the stock is trading, investors may want to consider buying the stock.

The retail industry will likely struggle due to rising costs and lower demand

The biggest problem for many investors is…

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