WASHINGTON – The artificial intelligence at the heart of a new art exhibition, “me + you”, doesn’t necessarily judge you, but it analyzes and interprets what you have to say.

Artist Suchi Reddy’s sculpture, sponsored by Amazon Web Services, listens to what you have to say about the future and reflects your mood in a display of colored lights and patterns.

The artwork is the centerpiece of a new exhibit at the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building, opening to the public for the first time in 20 years. The Futures exhibition will open on November 20th.

The viewer is invited to interact with the sculpture, who listens to the words “My future is …” at several round audio stations integrated into the sculpture.

The words and the feelings behind them are then reinterpreted as patterns of colored lights. On a very basic level, positive emotions tend to translate into calming blends of blue, green, and purple. Words suggesting anger could trigger a cascade …


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