Amazon shares are a no-brainer at this price


First-quarter earnings reports are in full swing, and all eyes are on Big Tech. FAANG member Amazon (AMZN -1.98%) recently reported mixed results, with most investors focused on the company’s flagship e-commerce business. At first glance, the lackluster first-quarter results might have some wondering where Amazon might be headed.

With a long-term mindset, however, the stock’s sell-off following the earnings report can be a blessing in disguise. So let’s analyze Amazon’s first-quarter results across the board everything aspects of the business and determine if now is a good time to buy.

Should investors be concerned about an e-commerce slowdown?

For the quarter ended March 31, 2022, Amazon’s online stores generated revenue of $51.1 billion, down 3% year over year. In addition, the company’s North American and International segments, both of which consist primarily of e-commerce, reported operating losses of $1.6 billion and $1.3 billion during the…

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