Amazon sent an AWS Snowcone device into orbit aboard the ISS

61 Inc. announced today at its re:Mars conference that it has orbited one of its AWS Snowcone edge computing and storage devices as part of Axiom Space Inc.’s recent mission to the International Space Station.

Snowcones are specialized devices designed to operate in harsh, mobile, and disconnected environments, providing on-premises processing capabilities with multiple layers of encryption. Amazon said the device sent into space was a regular, off-the-shelf device that underwent months of testing by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to get it certified.

Amazon said the Snowcone survived five months of NASA thermal, vacuum, acoustic and vibration tests before it could be cleared for the mission. However, no radiation tests were required as Snowcone was deployed in a shielded environment inside the ISS.

As soon as the device was delivered to the space station, it was connected to the systems of the ISS. Later, the team behind…


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