Amazon announced Tuesday that it was bringing back a former manager to run its cloud computing unit, which has become the online shopping giant’s most profitable business.

Adam Selipsky will return to Amazon in May and will become Head of Amazon Web Services later this year. He will replace Andy Jassy, ​​who will become CEO of Amazon when founder Jeff Bezos steps down from that role and becomes Executive Chairman.

AWS, which runs the video streaming site Netflix and many other companies, made up more than 60% of Amazon’s profits last year. AWS is also the leading provider of cloud computing services, but faces growing competition, particularly from Microsoft, which has been aggressively trying to sell large contracts to businesses and governments. Last year, Amazon lost a billion dollar contract with the US government to Microsoft. Amazon is fighting this decision in court.

Seattle-based Amazon said Selipsky worked at AWS for 11 years before moving to …

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