A visual user interface to simplify front and back-end development for web and mobile applications has been released by Amazon AWS. Released in preview during AWS re:Invent 2021, Amplify Studio is now generally available.

Amplify Studio is an extension of AWS Amplify, a set of tools and features Amazon released to give developers a faster start in configuring various AWS services to support applications such as user authentication, real-time data, AI/ML, and file storage .

Amplify Studio extends these tools to front-end developers who can use them to work with pre-built user interface components for these applications. It can also be used to work with backend services for the development and configuration of the application’s backend services.

The Amplify Studio team says:

“A key feature of Amplify Studio is its integration with Figma, which helps designers and front-end developers collaborate on design and development tasks.”

Figma is a web-based graphic…

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