Amazon refuses to register the “AWS Music” brand


According to a filing filed with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board late last week, Amazon Technologies Inc. is objecting to the registration of the “AWS MUSIC” trademark. The filing states that consumers are likely to be confused, mistaken, or deceived if they believe that the goods sold under the AWS MUSIC brand by applicant Aidan W. Schmall are from Amazon or are in any way endorsed by Amazon.

The 103-page opposition claims Amazon is a multinational focused on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. Under the brand name Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, the company has been offering cloud services from global data centers for almost two decades. The term AWS is used both alone and in conjunction with other trademarks, the filing states.

It further explains that Amazon owns 50 domestic registrations and pending trademark applications for its AWS brands, which cover a wide range of goods and services. Because of the…


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