The next generation of Formula 1 racing cars. (Formula 1 photo)

Amazon’s interest in the sport has drawn the tech giant from NFL stadiums to NHL hockey arenas and now to Formula 1 racetracks as Amazon Web Services has played a key role in the design of new F1 racing cars.

The racing league revealed the next generation car in a YouTube presentation Thursday, and Amazon said in a blog post that the intent is to create more intense racing and excitement on the track through more aerodynamic vehicle design.

AWS played a role in this, using Computational Fluid Dynamics and thousands of cores to run simulations on over 550 million data points. These data points modeled the effect of one car’s aerodynamic wake on another, and using AWS, F1 cut the average time it took to run simulations by 80% – from 60 hours to 12 hours.

The redesigned rear wing on the F1 was designed to force air upward out of the rear of the car. (F1 picture)

All this data processing and design was …

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