Amazon has made Lookout for Metrics available to all customers and provides a way to monitor and diagnose business anomalies.

A preview version of Lookout for Metrics was first launched at re: Invent 2020. The service uses machine learning to analyze a company’s operations and automatically detect and diagnose anomalies. This could be a potential business opportunity, a technical problem, or one of the myriad of challenges a data-driven company faces.

“We’re excited to announce the general availability of Amazon Lookout for Metrics, a new service that uses machine learning (ML) to more quickly and accurately monitor the metrics that matter most to businesses,” write Ankita Verma and Chris King for AWS. “The service also makes it easy to diagnose the root cause of anomalies such as unexpected declines in sales, high shopping cart abandonment rates, spikes in payment transaction errors, growth in new user logins, and more.

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