Amazon is investing nearly $1 billion to expand pay and benefits for frontline workers


Amazon will increase wages for US frontline workers by nearly multiples starting in October 2022 1 billion dollars investments over the next year. This change will increase the average starting salary for customer fulfillment and transportation departments to more than $19 per hour from an hourly rate of $18. Employees earn between $16 to $26 per hour based on location and region within the US

Additionally, the e-commerce giant will enable a new benefit called Anytime Pay for all US operations, corporate and technology employees. This added benefit allows employees access to up to 70% of their eligible earned compensation, free of charge, whenever they choose.

Amazon will also roll out the Amazon Intelligence Initiative, which places employees in engineering roles within Amazon Web Services (AWS) with a focus on the Dedicated Cloud. That 12- to 14 months Development program is designed to enhance the technical skills of these employees who will then…

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