In 2019, Amazon first announced its Sidewalk Network, a new, long-range, low-bandwidth wireless protocol and network to connect smart devices – and keep them online if, for example, your own WiFi network goes down by relying on yours Neighbors support network. Since last year Amazon has been converting its Echo devices into sidewalk bridges and selected ring and tile devices can now access the network. Now Amazon is launching its first professional sidewalk device designed to cover large areas such as a university campus or a park.

The full name for the new device is a bite: Ring’s Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro. It could be installed indoors, but is mostly intended for outdoor installation – and ideally at a high point – and can cover hundreds of devices at a distance of up to eight kilometers (depending on local conditions, of course).

To test the devices, Amazon has partnered with Arizona State University to upgrade these new sidewalk bridges to light poles at their …

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