Amazon Web Services has introduced its 3rd generation Graviton processors for its AWS cloud data centers. Compared to the Graviton System-on-Chip (SoC), the new CPU promises the second. The chip is used exclusively in data centers from Amazon Web Services.

AWS has yet to reveal all the details about its Graviton3 data center processor, but based on what we know today, the new SoC offers up to 25% more processing power (which is likely an integer performance), up to double floating point, and superior cryptographic performance . The SoC also offers up to 50% more memory bandwidth thanks to DDR5-4800 support (for the first time for a cloud computing platform!) Compared to the Graviton2. In addition, the new Graviton3 also supports bfloat16 and offers up to 200% better performance in machine learning applications than its predecessor.

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