At the recent re: Invent conference, Amazon introduced new EC2 instance families that run on different processors, including G5g-Arm-based instances, M6a-AMD-based instances, and memory-optimized Im4gn and Is4gen.

As part of the general-purpose M6 portfolio, the M6a instances are designed to provide a balance between compute, memory, storage, and network resources. They have 3rd generation AMD EPYC processors that run at frequencies of up to 3.6 GHz and are said to offer a price-performance improvement of 35% over M5a instances of the previous generation. The M6a instances follow the previous M6 announcements of M6g (arm-based) instances and M6i (x86-based). Channy Yun, Principal Developer Advocate at AWS, highlights one of the advantages of the M6a:

The new M6a instances offer a larger instance size of 48xlarge with up to 192 vCPUs and 768 GiB of memory, so you can consolidate more workloads on a single instance. M6a also provides support for Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) for workloads that …


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