Amazon has introduced a new feature, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) users can take advantage of these mining benefits for Chia Network.

According to the information on Amazon On the Chinese AWS website, miners who want to produce XCH by mining Chia Network can use a cloud-based storage system.

This website explains how chia mining differs from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and how the AWS infrastructure can be used for mining purposes.

It states that the AWS system required for XCH mining can be set up in 5 minutes.

Chinese investors “flock”

As the information on Amazon The website is not available in any other language. It is believed that this system is designed for investors in China.

Wolfie Zhao of The Block Crypto says individual investors in China are literally “pouring” into chia mining.

“It is not known exactly when Amazon AWS started promoting this system. However, this is an indication of the level of interest in chia mining from …

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