Amazon today has the second generation of its Echo Buds While the Apple community awaits the AirPods 3 launch, Amazon only offered them in black for the first generation buds, but this year they’ve added a white color … and the white case design borders very much on AirPods Pro’s territory / AirPods 3.

As with AirPods, the new wireless charging case is an optional extra, priced at $ 20 above the normal price of $ 119. To be fair, that’s where the similarities end, as the Echo Buds lack the stems that are currently the trademark of AirPods …

The white Echo Buds case can easily be confused with the AirPods Pro case, though Amazon also manages to bring out its truly wireless earbuds in black – a feat that Apple has yet to match.

With the charging case, Amazon promises a battery life of up to 15 hours for music playback. This is slightly below Apple’s estimated 24-hour runtime. In addition to an AirPods Pro-esque case, the Echo Buds use a new ventilated design like the AirPod Pros to improve comfort.

Apple is expected to catch up with the Echo Buds form factor with the next generation of AirPods Pro. A Report from Bloomberg said Apple dropped the stems in AirPods Pro 2 and had a rounded case. The new AirPods Pro are expected later this year or early 2022.

What is still to come are AirPods 3, the entry-level model in the AirPods line. AirPods 3 are largely similar to the AirPods Pro’s design – except that they lack the in-ear tips and are unlikely to offer active noise cancellation.

The AirPods 3 leaked and photographed everywhereThis is usually a good indicator that you are about to start. However, Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that they are not expected to go into mass production until the third quarter. It remains unclear whether Apple will continue to sell second-generation AirPods – possibly at a discount – when the new models come out at some point.

That being said, Apple’s product event “Spring Loaded” come next weekand there’s a chance AirPods 3 will show up. It is more likely that the April 2021 event will showcase the iPad Pro range.

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