Amazon Web Services Inc. and Dish Network Corp. are jointly building a 5G network that will roll out nationwide in Las Vegas later this year.

Dish will build the network on AWS, a cloud platform operated by Inc. This is the first time a 5G network has run in the cloud, according to a press release on Wednesday, and should enable “cost-effective performance”. ”

With the agreement, both companies want to change how organizations and customers order and use 5G services or create their own private 5G networks. The collaboration should also help develop new 5G applications, regardless of whether a robot is being controlled in a disaster location or augmented reality games are offered with low latency.

Dish’s 5G network has to catch up with a number of other 5G networks in Las Vegas. Two major network operators – T-Mobile and AT&T – introduced 5G coverage in Las Vegas in early December 2019. The competitor Verizon has its 5G Ultra Wideband service in parts …

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