This building in the Redmond Hilltop Business Park is currently under renovation for Amazon, a permit application shows.

According to a permit application, Amazon has leased another large office space in Redmond, Washington, naming the tech giant as the future tenant of a building to be renovated in the Redmond Hilltop business park.

The plans, which Amazon has not yet publicly announced, signal the company’s further expansion on the East Side across Lake Washington from its Seattle headquarters. They also point to a larger footprint for Amazon near two of its rivals. In addition to being the home of Microsoft, Redmond is also the headquarters of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite division.

Amazon Web Services, whose competitor includes Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, has an existing presence in the Redmond Town Center and announced in June that it will create 800 additional jobs in Redmond on top of the 600 previously announced.

Amazon’s project Kuiper, …

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