Amazon Connect offers general availability of outbound campaigns for calls,…


AWS recently announced the general availability of the high-volume outbound communications feature called Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns on the Amazon Connect service – an omnichannel contact service for businesses to set up and manage a contact center.

The Outbound Campaigns feature provides businesses with an embedded, cost-effective way to contact millions of customers every day for communications such as delivery notifications, marketing promotions, appointment reminders, or collections, without having to integrate with third-party tools.

Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns offers a Predictive Phone Dialer, a machine learning-based answering machine detection system that automatically detects voicemail answering machines and forwards calls to agents only when a live person answers the call. The dialer also modifies the call rate based on variables including the number of calls a human answers, the length of the call, and agent availability.

Besides that,…

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