Amazon CEO announces more layoffs for 2023


After confirming layoffs across much of its business this week, Amazon’s chief executive officer told employees more cuts are to come.

“Our annual planning process extends into the new year, which means there will be more role cuts as executives continue to make adjustments,” Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in a memo Thursday, which the company shared with its Company website published.

Jassy said this year’s annual operational review “has been more difficult because the economy remains challenging and we’ve been hiring rapidly over the past few years.”

Jassy added that management has not yet decided how many more jobs will be cut. The company plans to start notifying affected employees and entities in early 2023.

The boss noted that there will be job cuts at Amazon’s stores and PXT (people, experience and technology) organizations.

Amazon’s PXT unit has already gone through some reductions this week…

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