Robots need to communicate with other systems, many of them in the cloud, and that requires platforms that won’t fail, guarantee connectivity, and offer guarantees on a global scale, which Amazon has been working on.

You’re now launching AWS RoboRunner, a new robotics service designed for businesses to create applications that let robots work in groups and sync in the cloud.

In addition to the IoT RoboRunner, they also announced the AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator, a non-profit incubation program developed in partnership with MassRobotics with the aim of working on more automation, robotics and Internet of Things technology projects for industrial use.

The use of robotics in a company makes sense when you want to reduce labor costs, increase capacity and have manpower for tasks for which there is a lack of specialists in the market. In many assembly and production facilities, they are an integral part of daily operations, and the trend is rising …

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