The CertboltAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the most basic and widely used certification for IT professionals. The corresponding exam with code CLF-C01 emphasizes AWS cloud technology and basic global infrastructure, making it suitable not only for IT professions, but also for management, sales, finance, and more. While this stage isn’t strictly required before moving on to associate or specialty designations, it’s recommended as a fantastic way to learn the basics. But is this AWS certificate worth it if you don’t want to work in a highly technical role? And obviously, yes! Cloud computing will be virtually ubiquitous in numerous industries year after year, with growth averaging more than half of global cloud infrastructures.

Exam tips for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or change professional direction, earning the CertboltAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification can be beneficial. In addition, industry …

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