This morning we reported on a player review that New world was potential Bricking high-end Nvidia GPUs. While the problem appears to be more hardware- or even platform-based, with most complaints centered on the EVGA-made 3090 rather than the game itself, Amazon went on its forums to explain some steps players could take to get around make sure their GPUs would be unaffected. Now the team assures players in a statement on Twitter that it is completely safe to play the New World beta.

In the statement, Amazon states that “hundreds of thousands of people” have played in the New world Beta that accumulates millions of hours played in total. The statement said they have “received some reports of gamers using high-performance graphics cards” addressing the hardware failure, and Amazon is here to reassure worried gamers that their MMO is safe for them, stating, that they see “no evidence of widespread problems with the 3090s” in both beta and alpha testing.

New world makes standard DirectX calls as provided by the Windows API. We saw no evidence of widespread problems with the 3090s, either in beta or during our months of alpha testing, “the statement said on Twitter. It continues:

“The New world The closed beta is safe to play. To keep players calm, we’re going to implement a patch today that will limit frames per second on our menu screen. We are grateful for the support New world from our players around the world and we will continue to hear their feedback during the beta and beyond. “

As we and many other outlets have reported, some of the reports come from gamers only seeing issues in the lobby screen, which may have prompted Amazon to limit the frame rate in the menu now. New world The closed beta runs now through August 2nd, with the game peaking at almost 200,000 simultaneous players yesterday on Steam.

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