Former managing director of Amazon AWS, Adam Selipsky, will leave the company now owned by Salesforce after leaving the company in 2016 to lead visualization software maker Tableau to return to head AWS at Amazon, Amazon announced known on Tuesday.

Andy Jassy of Amazon, who succeeds founder Jeff Bezos this year, announced in an internal email today that former AWS manager Adam Selipsky, who left the company in 2016 to run data visualization provider Tableau, is back AWS will run.

Tableau was sold to cloud computing application giant Salesforce in 2019, and Selipsky stayed with Salesforce, which runs Tableau.

“I’d like to announce that Adam Selipsky will be the next CEO of AWS,” Jassy wrote in an email that CNBC’s Scott Mlyn received and reprinted online

Jassy notes that “Adam is not a new face for AWS. In 2005, Adam was one of the first vice presidents we hired at AWS, leading sales, marketing, and support for AWS (as well as a few other areas like ours) for 11 years AWS platform …

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