San Francisco: Amazon has appointed Salesforce manager Adam Selipsky as the new head of the cloud computing division Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Selipsky will replace longtime AWS executive Andy Jassy, ​​who will become Amazon CEO when founder Jeff Bezos steps down later this year.

“Selipsky brings strong judgment, customer obsession, team building, demand generation, and CEO experience to an already very strong AWS leadership team. Having held such a high position at AWS for 11 years, he knows our culture and business well,” said Jassy in a statement late Tuesday.

After 10 years at AWS, Selipsky led the startup Tableau, which is now part of Salesforce and acquired it in 2019 for a deal worth $ 15.7 billion.

Jassy said that with revenue of $ 51 billion up 28 percent year over year, it’s easy to forget that AWS is still at the very early stages of possibility.

“The cloud currently accounts for less than 5 percent of global IT spending. That will change significantly …

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