When Amazon debuted AWS DeepRacer in 2018, it was a fun way to make machine learning easier for developers. While it has evolved since then and includes DeepRacer competitions, the company announced today that it will add a new crease. It’s open-sourced the software the company developed to run these miniature cars.

At its core, the DeepRacer car is a minicomputer with Ubuntu Linux and Robot Operating System (ROS), both open source components. The company believes that opening up device software to developers will encourage more creative use of the vehicle by changing the vehicle’s default behavior.

“With the open sourcing of the AWS DeepRacer device code, you can change the default behavior of your currently track-obsessed race car quickly and easily. Do you want to prevent other cars from overtaking it by taking countermeasures? Would you like to use your own algorithm to make the car go from point A to B faster? You just have to …

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