AWS debuted HealthLake in December 2020 as a service designed to help providers organize and store data from multiple clinical silos in a single “data lake”. The offering is part of AWS for Health, a project that aims to harness the power of cloud computing to improve patient care and life science research.

According to AWS, HealthLake enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to ingest, store, query, and analyze medical data on a large scale using cloud technologies. AWS tools can use machine learning to help users understand and extract information from their data, which the company believes will fuel the growth of personalized medicine.

With HealthLake, companies can move their health data formatted in the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard from their local systems to a secure cloud-based data lake. HealthLake then uses machine learning to identify and label each piece of clinical data.

Tools that can be used …


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