Amazon and Trade Desk decide to provide UID2


The Trade Desk has signed a deal to integrate Unified ID 2.0 with Amazon Web Services as the ad tech firm continues to push adoption of the email-based identifier.

The integration means companies using the cloud-based computing service can match their first-party data using UID2 to enable programmatic ad placement more efficiently through AWS Marketplace.

Amazon claims the integration eases privacy requirements, as it enables programmatic ad placement without requiring external disclosure of sensitive user data through the use of AWS Enclaves, a facility it claims better protects customers’ personal data.

Additionally, the two claim that the integration means PII is never shared directly between external parties, as UID2 identifiers are encrypted into non-persistent “ephemeral UID2 tokens” that are shared to match users with a bid request.

Although Digiday confirmed with the pair that a launch date for the offering is in the…

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