AmazonAMZN’s robust cloud services portfolio helps the company acquire customers. The choice of Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) by Swisscom as the preferred cloud provider is proof of this.

In particular, Swisscom will use the analysis, machine learning (ML), container, database and storage services from AWS for its corporate IT. It will also use Amazon Kinesis for real-time data streaming, AWS Glue for serverless data integration, and Amazon Redshift for data warehousing.

In addition, Swisscom will move a large number of its core applications to AWS in order to achieve greater operational efficiency.

In addition, Swisscom is striving to strengthen its 5G network by using AWS to move from a 5G network based on the current infrastructure to a new, independent 5G network with a cloud-based 5G core.

We note that the latest step by Swisscom underscores the efficiency and reliability of the innovative cloud products and services from AWS. In addition, it strengthens AWSs …

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