It’s pretty clear that Amazon – like the other big tech titans – is right in the sights of Lina Khan. She is a longtime critic (especially from Amazon) and was part of the team that created Rep. David Cicilline’s report that upsets these companies. Now Khan is the FTC chairman and running for Big Tech. In what form will Kahn’s tenure leave Amazon?

Let’s start with Amazon’s potential antitrust vulnerabilities. There are many:

  • Self-trading on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon prefers its own products on the marketplace, from optimizations to the search algorithm to product placements on the page and XXX.
  • Own brands. Many sellers – like Jason Boyce – complain that Amazon steals their best ideas, undercuts them on price, and eventually drives them out of business.
  • Underpricing. An analysis of Amazon’s financial reports shows that Amazon’s own retail business is running at massive losses, driven by profits from third-party Marketplace, AWS and …

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