Parler’s attorney hit back, saying the burden of proving who Parler belongs to was reportedly on Amazon.

Amazon has accused Parler, the social network known as the conservative alternative to Twitter, of attempting to hide its property in a lawsuit between Amazon and Parler that stemmed from the United States Capitol uprising.

Angelo Calfo, an attorney who represents Parler, denied Amazon’s claim, arguing that the burden is on Amazon to prove who Parler belongs to, the Seattle Times reported Tuesday.

“This is a bloody effort to try and throw mud at Parler when Parler is completely clear about his possession,” said Calfo.

The litigation began in January after Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud computing division in Seattle, stopped working with Parler and temporarily removed the platform from the Internet. According to Amazon, Parler was unable to mitigate spikes in violent content before, during, and after the January riot.

Parler asked a federal judge in …


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