Three years and ten months after her release, someone finally found someone Nier: machinesThe final secret. This was announced today by explorer Lance McDonald and confirmed less than seven hours later by director Yoko Taro. Confirmation of the last secret was too written down from the official Nier account. Spoilers follow, but honestly, you would literally have to dig into the game’s code to find out. This is Yoko Taros Tweet, with embedded McDonald’s tweet:

The final secret is a cheat code that is executed after the first boss is killed. It is a complex series of attacks, throws and moves in the style of classic cheats that must be performed at a specific point. Once executed, the player is immediately transported to the “last” of the endings, of which the game has many. This decision clears the user’s save mode and unlocks the bonus game modes. To be clear, it’s not an exploit, it’s a cheat that is hard-coded in the game engine. When asked how he found it, Lance McDonald answered “Hundreds of hours of reverse engineering.”

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