Alibaba Cloud unveils data intelligence products, IT News, ET CIO

New Delhi, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona launched products that will analyse data of ‘massive’ scale and process real-time streaming data.

Realtime Compute, a product to process “millions of events or seconds and support real-time decision making like for fraud detection, social analytics, and QoS (quality of service) monitoring of telco networks”, was one of the products launched during the day, Alibaba Cloud said in a statement.

To help customers manage and analyse large amount of data, Alibaba Cloud introduced the improved ‘DataWorks’ and ‘MaxCompute 2.0’ that can process 100 PB (petabyte) per day, it said.

“Alibaba Cloud hasd launched seven new solutions, and two new features for international markets, which range from serverless computing, data analytics, global networking, high performance storage, and enterprise database that let customers easily and reliably derive actionable business insight to thrive in the age of intelligent business.”

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