Air Force Deploys Microsoft-Built Shared Workspace Suite


Air Force Deploys Microsoft-Built Shared Workspace Suite

The U.S. Air Force has partnered with Microsoft to field a workspace tool that will enable the service branch’s members to access cloud-based services.

Office 365 Teams is a collaborative suite designed to help users view messages and use cloud storage features via a single window, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base said Friday.

USAF has deployed Teams to 600K Office 365 users and is set to introduce the suite to 110K additional users from the Air National Guard and National Capital Region in 2020.

“Rather than emailing information back and forth, communications can flow through Teams allowing real-time conversations, live document collaboration, and audio and video meetings,” said Justin Kline, a team leader for Office 365 Teams.

Kline added the military service expects Teams to receive updated features in the future.


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