We’re only a few days away from Google’s launch event on October 19th for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but if you want an early look at what to expect this is the place to be large thread with leaked images from the prolific leaker Evan Blass. The thread contains what appears to be official renders of both phones, pictures of cases, and some photos of people using the phones – and this last category of pictures was the most interesting to me.

Since the early rumors about the Pixel 6 lineup go online, I was wondering exactly why Google decided to put the massive camera bar on the back of both phones. I never really liked it, and since the bar didn’t go flush with the back of the phones, I was afraid they would wobble when placed on a desk.

Check out these camera bars.
Image: Google

Blass’ photo dump contains twelve photos of people Strictly speaking with the telephones, and seeing these photos made a click for me about the design of the Pixel 6: the camera bar and two-tone color choices give the Pixel 6 range a unique look that you can’t confuse with any other phone. Even if someone doesn’t know what the Pixel 6 is, they definitely won’t confuse it an iPhone, and that distinctive look and feel might be enough for people who have never tried a Pixel to pick up a Pixel 6.

Another series of photos answered a question I had about the Pixel 6: what would it look like in a case. Based on the images Blass shared, Google officially cases fits around the camera hump, but the edges around the hump appear to have a ridge so the phone doesn’t lie flat on the back even with the cases.

Pale has also split renders of the Pixel 6 into green, black, and orange and the Pixel 6 Pro in Silver gray, black, and gold. These renders don’t come with many surprises as Google has already revealed the phones’ designs and colors in August.

Last week, Blass also leaked some other photos of the upcoming phones, including pictures of a new Pixel Stand wireless charger (which, according to a completely different leak, is to be rumored supports 23W wireless charging). We won’t have to wait long to learn more about the Pixel 6, however, so you should keep it locked The edge for our coverage of the phone launch event on October 19th.

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