If you were hoping that now that the holiday frenzy is over, it will be easier to find a PS5 that hasn’t happened yet, and you should know that it will likely be many, many months to the PS5 or Xbox Series X. The stock is approaching a reasonable level.

If you’ve been tracking new PS5 stocks like me, you’re going to see the exact same limited-edition, sell-out immediately releases as you did before the holiday, though maybe even fewer of them now, as Sony obviously wanted to bring out as many PS5s as possible before the vacation.

This week there was a surprise at PlayStation Direct and hours ago a brief inventory by Target where a handful of stores were able to pre-order a handful of units, often 3-6 for a whole store, customers navigating confusing, broken carts and menus asking for a pickup Promised in store, but no delivery or vice versa. Some got it, most didn’t.

If there was a single account for PS5 stocks, it would be @ PS5StockAlertswho did a commendable job matching the console’s limited delivery releases. But you are competing with their 600,000 other followers and people who otherwise learned about the stock declines so you still need all the luck in the world.

I said before that there has to be a better way to do this, find a way to log into your PSN and join a single queue that will hold your place in line and give you guaranteed access to stock, when your number is called. Instead, Sony and the rest of us are forced to deal with a dozen different retail middlemen, each with broken websites and tiny inventory every time. Even with a unique distribution, that doesn’t solve all of the problems (have you been trying to buy Ticketmaster concert tickets lately? Um, not lately, but you know what I’m talking about).

It’s also true that the Xbox Series X sells out just as quickly most of the time, but we don’t know how much supply there is compared to the PS5. The PS5 has now been declared the fastest-selling console in the United States story of consoles that, according to Sony, break the record of the PS4, even if we don’t have exact sums yet.

Sony is done generating demand, that part is done and is now focused solely on supply. Yes, the pandemic affected this to a certain extent, but again, not enough here if the PS5 wasn’t able to sell the PS4 anyway, and in every way significantly.

The good news is that honestly, there just aren’t that many reasons to own a next-gen console right out of the box. There are only a handful of games just available on next generation consoles, and those like Godfall should be skipped anyway. And while many last-generation games have next-generation upgrades, others like Cyberpunk haven’t managed to tweak themselves for the new consoles yet, which should happen sometime in 2021. And in the case of Xbox, the flagship launch game, Halo Infinite has now been postponed for a full year until next fall.

That said, it’s insane for potential customers who have tried landing a PS5 since pre-orders in September and still haven’t managed to get one. Bots and scalpers continue to run wild with little to stop them, and the stock situation is not getting any better. Right now it can actually get temporarily worse.

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