BERKELEY, Calif. — Amazon stumbled as it worked to break into the lucrative video game industry. Now it’s trying again.

On Monday, Amazon announced Prime Gaming, which is essentially a rebranding of its Twitch Prime service that provides exclusive game content. The move comes just over a month after the company pulled its original big-budget game, Crucible, from digital store shelves after it was panned as a “hollow and forgettable experience.”

With Twitch Prime, people got a free subscription to Twitch, the Amazon-owned livestreaming site, with free games from small studios and unique, in-game equipment and discounts for larger titles like Grand Theft Auto and League of Legends. Prime Gaming will expand those benefits and offer more titles and content, but will no longer require a Twitch account to access.

Larry Plotnick, Prime Gaming’s director, said the gaming service started in 2016 with Twitch’s name attached because it was well-known among gamers. But he said Amazon…

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