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CAMPBELL, Calif., March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Workspot, the leader in cloud-native Desktop as a Service (DaaS), today announced that Dudek has successfully deployed Workspot Workstation Cloud on Microsoft Azure for their architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firm. Project data is uploaded from drones to a cluster of Workspot cloud workstations for parallel processing across NVIDIA GPUs in Microsoft Azure, transforming the way complex images are processed and visualized.

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Dudek’s on-premises infrastructure, including physical GPU workstations and a legacy VDI solution, was limiting agility and innovation and slowing project delivery to its clients. The firm needed the data collected from drone flights at project sites to be actionable more quickly – at the cloud-edge. They also needed to alleviate performance problems brought on by latency for survey engineers in the field and in branch offices. The challenges of improving performance for GPU-intensive workloads, in addition to the cost and complexity of maintaining on-premises VDI, brought Dudek to Workspot Workstation Cloud.

Brian Nordmann, chief information officer, Dudek, said: “Our survey engineers, whether they are in our headquarters, in a remote office or out in the field, are delighted with the performance they are seeing when using ArcGIS on their Workspot cloud workstations. We’re planning to deploy cloud PCs to the rest of our employees for secure, fast access to all their corporate apps, no matter where they are. Workspot dramatically decreased our time to get deliverables into the hands of our clients, giving us a competitive advantage.”

Workspot Workstation Cloud provides turnkey, enterprise-ready, cloud PCs and workstations powered by NVIDIA GPUs and virtualization software on Microsoft Azure. Benefits of Dudek’s cloud workstations include:

  • Faster data processing: Data uploaded from drones is processed in a fraction of the time it took previously – from five days to six hours.
  • Better performance: Survey engineers now enjoy performance that is equal to or better than what they were getting on physical workstations for demanding design and visualization apps.
  • New business agility: The firm is able to immediately respond to changing project requirements, pursue new business and address customers’ needs.
  • Simplified IT: Dudek’s IT team gets simplified infrastructure, fewer management headaches, lower capital expenditures and the ability to redeploy valuable IT resources.

Harry Labana, chief customer officer, Workspot, said: “Firms like Dudek are innovating to transform the AEC industry with their use of cloud workstations to address complex use cases requiring high-performance computing, and that’s a great boost to their productivity. Workspot’s on-demand, cloud PC service is based on a globally distributed architecture, which means organizations in any industry can instantly have a global presence across 54+ Azure cloud regions. This level of flexibility and agility drives endless possibilities for our customers’ business growth.”

About Workspot
Workspot is a cloud-native Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution delivered as a turnkey, enterprise-ready service, exclusively on Microsoft Azure. The Workspot service places Windows 10 desktops and GPU workstations at the edge of the cloud region nearest users for better-than-PC performance. IT can expect fast-time-to-value and on-demand, global scalability. Business leaders can respond faster to changing market dynamics, pursue new opportunities globally and hire the best talent anywhere, while fulfilling cloud-first mandates that position the company for accelerated growth. The service features flat-rate monthly pricing, which includes the cost of Microsoft Azure compute, Go-Live Deployment Services and ongoing support. For more information on Workspot solutions please visit:

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