An example of product targeting from Amazon Sponsored Display. (Amazon Image)

Amazon’s fourth quarter 2020 results last week were understandably marked by the news that CEO Jeff Bezos is stepping down in the third quarter of 2021 and will be replaced by Andy Jassy, ​​head of Amazon Web Services. Plus, the company’s earnings matched those of the past few quarters: Amazon is shooting at all cylinders. A treat that flew under the radar: Amazon’s “Other” business, which consists primarily of advertising, outperformed the “Subscription Services” segment.

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce destination in many countries and knows a lot about what its customers want, and don’t want to buy. With most of the company’s advertising revenue coming from sponsored ads on product pages and in product search results, the advertising business accelerated along with the online shopping business during the pandemic.

“I would say that advertising spending has recovered …

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