Hands-on with ControlUp Edge DX, part 2: Extended functions

Tom Fenton looks at Edge DX, a new product from ControlUp designed to monitor and manage Windows, macOS, Linux and IGEL OS endpoint devices. It explains the information gathered, how to display the login and processes to troubleshoot and diagnose problems that end users may have.

In an earlier one items, I took a fundamental look at Edge DX, a new product from ControlUp for monitoring and managing end devices such as laptops and thin clients. I discussed some important features of the management dashboard and found Edge DX very easy to set up and intuitive to use. In this article, I’m going to dig deeper into some of its more advanced features, such as: B. the ability to analyze login and session details. I’ll also run a benchmark on Edge DX to see how this affects the performance of the device the agent is running on.

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