AdGuard’s VPN service offers you 5 years of reliable online protection for …


TLDR: AdGuard brings its ad blocking and security expertise to this 5-year VPN subscription, which is now almost 90 percent off the regular price.

If this is your first time touring the world with your summer plans in a while, there are a few points to consider. Serious thought about increasing your web security while traveling because of that Web attacksare onthe rise.

Whether you are planning a few weekend getaways, spending a few weeks with distant relatives, or spending a few months around the world, you want to keep your vital equipment running everywhere. If you log into a potentially seedy public WiFi network, you can fall victim to identity theft and worse.

A VPN is one of the few ways to reliably protect yourself against these worst-case scenarios – and AdGuard with its new one AdGuard VPN ($ 39.99 for a 5-year subscription; 88 percent discount.) by TNW Deals) service is ready to defend you and your entire web …

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