Add REMO+ to the growing list of home improvement safety tech


In the US, home security has become a hot topic and an even hotter product category. While one might think that the COVID pandemic, which is keeping everyone at home these days, would hurt this market, it has done the exact opposite. Perhaps all that time being indoors has made people more aware of the importance of better securing their homes.

Figures show that there are about 4,300 burglaries every day in the US – nearly 1.6 million annually. Additional FBI data adds that a staggering 60% of all home burglaries occur during the day.

While the best way to secure your home is with a professionally installed home security system, the DIY segment also offers some effective and very affordable solutions. We recently tested such a unit from REMO+ with their new product DoorCam2.

The first thing you’ll notice about the DoorCam2 is that there’s not much behind it – when you open the box, you’ll basically find the

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