Adam Selipsky Navigates AWS Into A Cloudy Future – The Information


Of the five big tech companies that dominate their respective corners of the industry, Amazon is the only one whose headquarters sprout from the floor of a bustling metropolis. There’s no suburban sprawl in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, home to a cluster of Amazon office towers, along with the company’s distinctive three-pronged biodome, The Spheres. Instead, there’s The Devil’s Triangle, a nearby gentlemen’s club that promotes “Amazon Appreciation” on Wednesdays.

The eclecticism befits a company that operates The Everything Store. It’s also increasingly suitable for Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing business that has eclipsed its parent company. Under its new CEO, Adam Selipsky, AWS is stepping up its efforts to sell online enterprise tech services as broadly as its retail sibling sells consumer goods online. Just as Amazon aims to sell people any product they can think of, AWS wants business customers to be able to do it for…

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