Cyber ​​criminals use MSPs’ own internal tools against them; Ransomware damage exceed $ 20 billion by the end of the year – according to Acronis Cyberthreats Report 2022

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Dec 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Acronis, the world market leader in Cyber ​​protection, today launches its #CyberFit Summit Dubai – the third stop on the Acronis World Tour, an ongoing series of industry events dedicated to cyber protection for businesses around the world. To kick off the event, the company released its annual Acronis Cyberthreats Report 2022, an in-depth overview of cybersecurity trends and threats around the world. The report warns that managed service providers (MSPs) are particularly at risk as cybercriminals use more of their own management tools such as PSA or RMM against themselves, making them more vulnerable to supply chain attacks.

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Supply chain attacks on MSPs are particularly devastating as attackers gain access to both their business and their customers – as seen with the SolarWinds attack last year and the Kaseya VSA attack in early 2021, means a successful one Attack that cripples hundreds or thousands of SMBs. The report also shows that in the second half of 2021, only 20% of companies said they had not been attacked – up from 32% last year – suggesting attacks are increasing across the board.

“The cybercrime industry is a well-oiled machine that uses cloud and machine intelligence to scale and automate its operations. As the threat landscape continues to grow, we can see that the main attack vectors remain the same – and they are still working, ”said Candid Wuest, Acronis VP of Cyber ​​Protection Research. “While the attack surface is growing and 2022 will surely bring us surprises, the automation of cyber protection remains the only way to more security, reduced risks, lower costs and improved efficiency.”

Key trends for 2021 – and forecasts for 2022

In addition to the increasing efficiency of cyber criminals and the impact on MSPs and small businesses, the Acronis Cyberthreats Report 2022 shows:

  • Phishing remains the main vector of attack. 94% of malware is delivered via email – using social engineering techniques to trick users into opening malicious attachments or links, phishing was at the top of the charts before the pandemic. It’s still growing fast: this year alone, Acronis reported that it blocked 23% more phishing emails and 40% more malware emails in the third quarter than in the second quarter of the same year.

  • Phishing actors develop new tricks and switch to messengers. These new tricks now target OAuth and multifactor authentication tools (MFA), allowing criminals to take over accounts. To bypass popular anti-phishing tools, they use text messaging, Slack, Teams chats, and other attack tools like Business E-Mail Compromise (BEC). A recent example of such an attack was the infamous hijacking of the FBI’s own email service, which was compromised and started sending spam emails November 2021.

  • Ransomware is still the # 1 threat – both for large businesses and SMBs. High quality targets include the public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, and other critical organizations. But despite some recent arrests, ransomware is still one of the most profitable cyberattacks today. Acronis predicts ransomware damage will exceed $ 20 billion before the end of 2021.

  • Cryptocurrency among the attackers’ favorite playing cards. Information dealers and malware that exchanges digital wallet addresses are a reality today. We can expect more such attacks directly against smart contracts in 2022 – attacks on the programs at the heart of cryptocurrencies. Web 3.0 app attacks will also become more common, and new and increasingly sophisticated attacks like Flash loan attacks will allow attackers to siphon millions of dollars from cryptocurrency pools.

Growing need for cyber protection in MEA: opening of two data centers

Overall, this year was the worst on record in terms of cybersecurity; not only for many organizations, but also for many countries – including the United Arab Emirates, a country that is now pushing to fight the global “cyber pandemic”. And despite your best efforts, how Acronis’ own recent survey shows, 25% of people in the UAE are still not using cyber protection tools.

Malware attacks are still a global phenomenon that every country has to fight against. When reviewing normalized malware detection in our investigation, we found countries like Taiwan, Singapore, China, and Brazil with a recognition rate of over 50%. However, it is middle East and Africa The Region (MEA) also ranks fairly high on the list, with the United Arab Emirates accounting for 38%; South Africa at 36%; and Saudi Arabia at 29%.

We see similar statistics for blocked ransomware attacks: the UAE ranked 33rdapprox worldwide, responsible for 0.3% of all global detections – an increase of 63% versus October 2021 – while South Africa 30th placeNS responsible for 0.4% of all detections worldwide – an increase of 64% compared to October 2021.

While ransomware attacks in MEA are clearly increasing, the high malware detection rates could mean countries are paying more attention to cyber protection by improving their detection capabilities.

The Acronis #CyberFit Summit takes place as a hybrid event in. instead of Dubai, United Arab Emirates December 8thNS9NS aims to support local organizations and citizens in building their cyber defenses. The platform integrates world-class cybersecurity and industry experts and offers a detailed insight into how companies can improve their IT infrastructure capacities – with a special focus on MSPs, the backbone of the channel business.

Acronis also uses this platform to open two data centers in AfricaNigeria and South Africa – Opened in the second quarter of 2022 to meet the company’s ongoing plan to build 110 data centers worldwide within two years.

Acronis Cyber ​​Threats Report 2022

The Acronis Cyberthreats Report 2022 is based on the investigation of attack and threat data collected from the company’s global network of Acronis CPOCs, which monitor and investigate cyber threats around the clock. Malware data has been collected from more than 650,000 individual endpoints worldwide running Acronis Cyber ​​Protect, either as a customer of an MSP using the solution or as a company running the solution. The year-end update covers attacks on endpoints discovered between July and August November 2021.

The full report provides in-depth insights into the key cybersecurity and threat trends that the CPOCs observed in the second half of 2021. a review of malware families and related statistics; a deep dive into the most dangerous groups of ransomware; the vulnerabilities that contribute to successful attacks; and Acronis’ security advisory for 2022 and beyond. You can find the results for the first half of 2021 in our Acronis Cyberthreats Report: Mid-2021.

You can download a copy of the full version Acronis Cyberthreats Report 2022 here.

Acronis #CyberFit Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Working remotely has become indispensable, as has the increasing number of sophisticated cyberattacks – so it is up to both companies and individuals to follow the best cyber protection practices available.

If you want to learn more about cybersecurity vulnerabilities and available solutions for businesses, register now for the Acronis #CyberFit Summit World Tour 2021. A platform that enables you to:

  • Attend results-based virtual sessions for free and learn from world-class cyber protection experts.

  • Enhance your MSP company’s cyber protection capabilities with advice from top channel, cybersecurity and industry experts.

  • Hear exclusive case studies of successful, profitable, and growing MSPs and MSSPs.

  • Learn how to grow your business with cybersecurity forward services.

  • Take part in practical, interactive workshops, insightful panels and breakouts as well as inspiring keynotes – and enjoy the networking opportunities for IT channels.

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