Bengaluru, first published January 3, 2022 at 4:47 pm IST

Gaurav Pawar is a well known celebrity fitness trainer. In just three years he rose to the top as a fitness coach and earned over a billion in this fiscal year. He started his fitness business with just three employees and now has a tribe of 25. In his three years as a fitness trainer, Gaurav Pawar, a fitness trainer and trainer, has changed over 2500 clients.

Gaurav aims to help people develop good habits that will improve their lives mentally and physically in the long run and culminate in a life without frustration. From start to finish, he is available to his customers anytime and anywhere to guide, motivate, support and adapt to their needs. He’s helped his clients make big physical changes that are just plain inspiring, and the reality is he inspires people to stay determined, engaged, and motivated, to exercise regularly, and to change harmful food …


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